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Many motorists around the world would really rather use a bike. As a little push to help them switch we have build the world's first bicycle lift.

Health and environment campaigns can surly help shape attitudes. But the bicycle lift is a call to action.

In Trondheim, just like many towns, people work downtown, while theire homes are situated on the surrounding hills. Rush hour, with traffic jams and congestion on roads never intended for the modern car, queues, noise and air pollution - this scene is played out over and over again in one town after another.

Impatient motorists sit and sit in their cars. Without exercise they endanger their health while their waistlines expand. What's worse, the most energetic motorist pay dearly for the privilege of cycling at a health spa. When their health fails society has to pick up the hospital bills. Countless campaigns have striven to change the public's attitude to health and the environment. But bicycles are the perfect answer. Not only do they provide cheap, fast, environment-friendly transportation, but you get free, healthy exercise as well! So why don't more motorists become cyclists? Because of bad weather (we can't do much about that) and The Big Hill on the way home...

The inspiration for the world's first bicycle lift was the realization that we often need a little push.

picture The aim of the bicycle lift is not to prevent people from getting exercise, but to get more people on their bikes!

When the ski lift was invented doubters were saying "So now people are going to be towed up the hill instead of getting healthy exercise!" But what they forgot was that this pulled millions of people who may never have set eyes on a pair of skies before out on the slopes. And of cause they are enjoying plenty of fresh air and exercise!

Ski lifts are for recreation time, the bicycle lift is part of our everyday - our daily ride to work and back, or the downtown shopping trip.

In Trondheim the bicycle lift is just one of many measures to get people on their bikes. An extensive network of foot and bicycle paths is being build in residential areas, the town centre and the surrounding countryside. We are doing everything we can to get as many of the city's inhabitans as possible to use their bikes more.

The bicycle lift has been developed by Design Management AS (Ltd.) in Trondheim in collaboration with the Sør-Trøndelag Country division of the Public Roads Administration. The lift is patent protected, and a great deal of interest has been shown from other towns in Norway and abroad.

The bicycle lift consists of an underground cableway. You simply rest your foot on the plate and the lift pushes you up the hill.

As the mechanism is underground it does not obstruct other traffic and being virtually invisible it blends in perfectly with the street and town picture.

Easy to use:

Technical principle of the lift. The prototype has been steadily improved since its inception in the autumn of 1993.

The bicycle lift is an electrically operated underground cableway is an housing which forms a normal pavement curb up the hill. Footplates are anchored to the cable at 80 feet intervals. These footplates are concealed within the mechanism's housing, only emerging when a cyclist inserts a key card and pushes the start button. The footplates are slanted and thus gently push the cyclist up the hill. Our special patented system ensures the cyclist a smooth start.

The control panel is easy to use with clear, illustrated instructions. The lift takes you at a comfortable speed of 3 to 4 mph. It can carry about 200 cyclist per hour. The prototype in Trondheim is 130 meters long with a 1:5 gradient and can take five persons at a time.

A bicycle lift could easily be several hundred meters long. It can have gentle curves, and can be installed on hills with normal traffic or in its own lane. The lift has been approved for unmanned operation by Det Norske Veritas/Section for Aerial Cableways.

Drawing of the bicycle lift.

The lift can be adapted to just about any hill. Have you any tough climbs in your town?

One glance at the map will tell urban planners which hills deter people from from cycling. They may be long and tiring or short and steep. A bicycle lift is a relatively inexpensive investment compared with many other traffic solutions. Somethime the bicycle lift may be your ideal solution instead of building expensive bicycle paths, thus saving the taxpayers' money.

But the major benefit is that more people will use their bicycles. With creative planning, cyclists can be routed away from heavily trafficed roads to more safe areas. This is good for cyclists and general traffic safety. If you would like more information please contact us.

Contact us - we'll be happy to tell you more about the bicycle lift in Trondheim!

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