My home computers

Last modified: September 24th, 2007
I have a local network with several computers. Three of them are located at my home office on the second floor, while the other computers are located in the basement. They are connected through a linux-based firewall to the Internett through an ADSL line. The computers are located on three internal networks, one secure zone, one "not so secure" zone and one DMZ zone.

Here are some facts about my computers.


Primary used for programming and image processing.


Linux server running Fedora Core 4.

The machine is the storage for all important files for users on the local network. User-data is backed up regulary every weekend. It is also used for sending and receiving e-mails and as an internal DNS server. It also host the original files for the web-server. The files on the web-server are updated from this machine using rdist through a ssh-tunnel.
The Chiefteck cabinet is able to hold 8 disks without problem. The motherbord have 8 SATA connectors. I still have several free slots for more disks.

I also use this for automatic streaming of misc radio programs.

Current status (updated every 15 minutes).


This is a dedicated SQL server.
Current status (updated every 15 minutes).


This machine is used for MSN and to browse all kinds of web-sites. Security is not an issue for this computer. If it gets infected, I reinstall everything by ghosting an image from the file-server.

The yoda, jedi and c3p0 computers are all located at my home office share the same monitor, keyboard and mouse through a BlackBox ServerSwitch Jr.


The linux-based firewall:


An AMD based machine running Fedora Core 4: Current status

The old spiderman web-server, a linux based web-server with RedHat 7.3:

Powerfull stuff!!! ;-)
This machine died Saturday, October the 15th2005 at 01:00:00. May the hardware rest in peace.
Last recorded status.


A linux based mail-server running RedHat 7.3. It also work as a backup web-server for the spiderman computer. Current status (updated every 15 minutes).


A linux based web-server running RedHat 7.3: This computer is used when developing new web-pages. It works as an internal web-server.
Current status (updated every 15 minutes).
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